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The family living here had 2 very young children and wanted a family garden that has plenty of room for them to play as well as space to enjoy the morning sun and a grown up dining & entertaining space. Another requirement was a large fruit and vegetable growing area. Lots of vibrant colourful plants were asked for. Lastly a decent amount of storage and a playhouse for the kids was also on the wish-list.

The design incorporates 2 sandstone patios - one which  catches the morning sun and one for evening dining. There is a large lawn, surrounded by planting. The top of the garden is for productive growing - a combination of raised beds, fruit trees, support for raspberries and arches for growing peas &  beans.

The entrance to the garden and the productive area is framed by pergolas which will be smothered in scented climbers and roses.

This garden is currently under construction (April 2010), more detail & photos to follow.

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