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This was a blank canvas - a good sized, square back garden. The owners were building a modern glass extension onto the back of the house.

They wanted to create a family garden - a place to relax, somewhere to dine out & entertain, and at least half the garden left as lawn for child's play. They were also keen to extend the feeling of the inside space and link it to the outside. The interior design includes dark polished flooring and a sleek pale coloured gloss kitchen, and the owners described the 'boutique hotel' style as a huge influence in their design approach.

So the design includes two black slate terraces - the first leads directly from the new extension and is an informal place to unwind after work or quietly read. A step off this terrace leads via a pale gravel path and a low rendered block planter to the second larger terrace. This is a more sociable space with enough room for 8 people to dine and is backed by a low white wall and structural planting adds interest and depth beyond that. Vibrantly coloured shrub & herbaceous planting surrounds the lawn and links it with the two terraces.


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